Swingin' Tern Dances

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LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church Parish House, 14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ, a smoke & alcohol free environment

ADMISSION: $10 per adult, $5 per student with Student ID.

TIMES: Beginner’s workshop at 7:30 PM. Dance follows, 8 PM - 11 PM (unless otherwise indicated). Please carry in clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Non-dancing children must be supervised at all times. Dance at your own risk.

INFORMATION: (973) 295-6864 or send email to E-mail

What, you may be asking, is Contra Dancing? Watch the video at right and see our About page for a video and an explanation.

February 7: Dan BlackContras
Hot House Contras: Sam Zygmuntowicz – fiddle; Danny Weiss – guitar; Danny Elias – clarinet; Joe DePaolo – drums, percussion

Chef Black goes down to the Hot House to choose the freshest of dancing veggies for some Hot House Contras. In the spirit of Steve Goodman:

There was peas and greens and cabbage and beans,

It was the biggest crowd you ever did see.

And when old man cucumber struck up that number,

Well, you should have heard them vegetables scream.

Oh, the little turnip top was doin' the backwards flop,

The cabbage shook the shimmy and she could not stop.

The little red beet shook its feet,

The watermelon died of the cockeyed heat.

The little tomato, agitator,

Shook the shimmy with the sweet potato,

And old man garlic dropped dead of the colic.

Down at the Swingin’ Tern this evening,

Down at Swingin’ Tern dance.

February 21: Contras
Ron Blechner
Blue Jersey: Louise McClure – fiddle; Frank Ruck – mandolin; Ellen Ruck – guitar; Mike Sutton – bass

Blechner calls till he's blue in the face and that’s a good thing as Blue Jersey plays 50 shades of blue. You don't need a medium to come out of the dark and see the light beyond the pale. Ron and Blue Jersey give us the royal treatment and keep tune sapphire azure as the sky is blue. Indigo with navy a care unteal they send in the aquamarines. Then it’s take a powder or, baby, dance till midnight.

March 7: Double Dance
Bob IsaacsContras and Grid Squares
Free Raisins: Jeff Kaufman – mandolin, trumpet, feet; Amy Englesberg – piano, accordion; Audrey Knuth – fiddle

AFTERNOON ADVANCED CONTRAS 4-6PM / ALL-LEVEL EVENING DANCE 8-11PM Advanced Contras & Grid Squares $10/$5 students. Evening Dance for all abilities $15/$10 students.

Click on both of the performer's names to get two scoops of Raisins!

March 21: Barbara GoldsteinContras
Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes: Mike Rovine – fiddle; Jill Smith – piano; Wes Steenson – guitar