Swingin' Tern Dances

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LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church Parish House, 14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ, a smoke & alcohol free environment

ADMISSION: $10 per adult, $5 per student with Student ID.

TIMES: Beginnerís workshop at 7:30 PM. Dance follows, 8 PM - 11 PM (unless otherwise indicated). Please carry in clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Non-dancing children must be supervised at all times. Dance at your own risk.

INFORMATION: (973) 295-6864 or send email to E-mail

What, you may be asking, is Contra Dancing? Watch the video at right and see our About page for a video and an explanation.

Mary WesleyContras
Brooklyn Swing Ensemble: Danny Weiss - guitar; Sam Zygmuntowicz - fiddle; Marco Brehm - bass; Danny Elias - clarinet

Afternoon Advanced Contras 4-6pm $10 general/$5 students

All-Level Evening Dance 8-11pm $15 general/$10 students

Would you like to swing like a star,

Carry music home in a jar,

For a great time come as you are,

Or would you rather be a tern?

A tern is a dancer with smiles on his face,

His feet always keep up the pace,

He has Brooklyn Swing to play a hot tune,

As Mary calls evening and afternoon,

If itís contras and good times for which you yearn,

You'll find you'd rather be a tern!

May 21: Dan BlackContras
Fingerplay: Lisa Bueno - fiddle; Helen White - flute; Jonathan Brandt - piano

Fingerplay plays the white keys as Black keys in on his notes to grace us with a contra composition. Dan and the band can Handel it as their Chopin Liszt will Ravel Bach to Bach tunes to Rachmaninoff your feet. No more Haydn seek, itís Brahms away till we break for some Shubert. If youíre feeling downbeat and a little flat, look sharp, forget your treble and go for Baroque.

June 4: Dugan MurphyContras
Gotham Gals: Norma Castle - flute, percussion; Julia Hartman - fiddle; Robin Russell - piano
Donna HuntContras
The Gaslight Tinkers: Peter Siegel - mandolin, guitar, banjo; Garrett Sawyer - bass; Dave Noonan - drums; Audrey Knuth - fiddle

Afternoon Advanced Contras 4-6pm $10 general/$5 students

All-Level Evening Dance 8-11pm $15 general/$10 students

July 2: Don FlahertyContras
Strumbow Squeezeblow: Ross Harriss - guitar, piano; Bill Christophersen - fiddle; Jody Kruskal - Anglo concertina; Trip Henderson - harmonica
July 16: Dave RuppContras
Squeezology Trio: Dotty Moore - fiddle; Jody Kruskal - Anglo concertina; Marnen Laibow-Koser - piano