May 15-17, 2020
Registration opens February 14, 2020
3 days, 3 concerts, 40 workshops & endless jamming
for 150 music lovers and music makers
and world class acoustic headlining artists
Twice a year—every May and October.

New & Improved accommodations
Only $259 for all lodging, activities and food, now including Friday dinner.
Featured Performers from Fall of 2019
Photo of Albanie Falletta
Albanie Falletta
Photo of Kevin Roth
Kevin Roth
Photo of Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands
Photo of Dick Boak
Dick Boak
Photo of Grover Kemble
Grover Kemble

Photo of Trina Hamlin
Trina Hamlin
Photo of Grant Gordy
Grant Gordy
Photo of Colleen Kattau
Colleen Kattau
Photo of Pete McDonough
Pete McDonough
Photo of David Remelis
David Remelis

Photo of Brian Dolphin
Brian Dolphin
Photo of Richard Bozic
Richard Bozic
Photo of Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dunn
Photo of Carrie Cantor
Carrie Cantor