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A Whole New Neck - Gracie Terzian Advanced

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with barre chords.

Ready to start playing higher on the neck? In this workshop, students will get familiar with chord shapes higher on the neck. The group will play together and analyze the functions of each note in the chord.

Anyone Can Improvise - Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Intermediate

Prerequisite: Must be able to play chords and single notes without looking at the instrument.

We all have something to say, whether we use a lot of words (notes) or very little (rests/space) to get our message across. In this workshop, Abe will teach you how to construct and organize your musical ideas as well as learn how to play the right notes. This is not specifically a jazz improvisation workshop, but a workshop on how to improvise in any musical situation.

Basic Applied Ukulele Music Theory - Glen Hirabayashi Beginner

Ever wonder why chord shapes are what they are or why certain chords always show up in certain keys? The Aloha Boys' Glen Hirabayashi will present an introduction to practical applied music theory and a foundational approach to how and why the ukulele works. This is like being in the first grade studying the language of music—an introduction to vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and syntax of the language of music as applied to and produced by the ukulele.

Becoming a Multi-Tasker/Performance Techniques - Victoria Vox All Levels

Singing and playing at the same time doesn't come easy for everyone. It's a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head. And don't forget keeping time, staying in tune, and remembering both the lyrics and chord changes! Overwhelmed yet? Victoria will guide you through practicing/performing techniques to get ALL the jobs done!

Bossa Nova - Gracie Terzian Intermediate

In this workshop students will explore samba and bossa nova rhythms and songs, playing together in a group,

Chord Melodies: "And I Love Her" - Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Advanced

Prerequisite: Must be able to play barre chords, use all four fingers comfortably, and have a uke in standard (C6) tuning.

Using The Beatles' "And I Love Her", Abe will teach you his approach on how to play chord and melody simultaneously and finally incorporate that high G-string into playing melodies. Learn how to take a song with a simple melody and transform it into a beautiful and lush ukulele arrangement.

Chord Shapes and Patterns - Gracie Terzian Advanced

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with barre chords.

Do you know what's really in the chords you play? In this workshop, students will analyze the construction of chord shapes on the ukulele, and work on recognizing and memorizing the patterns and breakdown of each chord.

George Harrison on Uke - Dave Kleiner All Levels

Celebrate the great songs of uke-lover George Harrison. Dave Kleiner will lead the group through several Harrison favorites, then we will all learn an arrangement of "Here Comes the Sun".

Get in the Groove - Victoria Vox Intermediate

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with barred C, F, and G7.

Rhythm can be played straight, or swung. You've got to swing to be swung! It's all about the groove and feeling, and you'll feel the difference. Let's work on loosening up the right hand so that beats are subdivided with heart, and less brain. The groove even starts before you play a note! We'll play a simple tune in many different styles: Pop / Jazz / Ska / Reggae / Opera / Bluegrass, etc. This class is groovy and 100% fun.

Group Play-Along - FiL Wisneski All Levels

Time to take off our learning caps and have some fun! All hands on deck as FiL facilitates this group play-along. Charts will be povided.

Hawaiian Music on the Uke - Alan Distajo Beginner

Without Hawaii there would be no ukulele. Alan Distajo of the Aloha Boys will go over some history, then focus on the practical application of picking and strumming techniques, Hawaiian vamps (turnarounds), and Hawaiian language pronunciation as used in Hawaiian music played on the ukulele. The workshop will include playing a singing a few Hawaiian songs.

Learn to Hula - Debi Velasco All Levels No Uke Needed

Learn a hula dance and then perform at the beginning of the Saturday evening concert!

I Want to Play That - Mark Dutton Intermediate

Can't find a song sheet? Want to correct the one you found on the internet? This workshop will cover how to transcribe a song from audio to paper, and how to correct or refine one you already have.

Intro to "Line Clichés" - Victoria Vox Advanced

Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with barre chords, like: Ebm, Bm, Bb, F#.

A "line cliché" is a descending or ascending line that moves against a single stationary chord. Famous line cliché tunes include the James Bond theme song, "One" (Harry Nilsson), "Stairway to Heaven", "Michelle", "Blue Skies", and Victoria's own "Supermoon" and "Buttercup". She will show you how to alter the melody line. There will be a little music theory...but don't be scared!

Lei Making - Debi Velasco All Levels No Uke Needed

Make a lei wristband or head peice with real flowers!

Sophisticated Harmony - Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Intermediate

Are you tired of playing the same chords over and over? Learn about other chord options to add some spice to your playing. Abe will discuss chords such as Maj7, min7, sus4, add9, and will explain how they're built, what those chord names mean, and how you can apply them. And if you ask nicely, he may even explain the difference between a diminished 7th chord and a minor 7(b5) chord.

Starting and Maintaining a Ukulele Group - Mark Dutton All Levels No Uke Needed

How to plant and feed exactly the group you want. Morristown Uke Jam founder and benevolent dictator Mark Dutton (aka Marco D) explains the whys, hows, and philosophy of MUJ, together with the pros and cons of several other groups and their formats.

Tattoo Your Uke - Mihal Gross All Levels

Personalize your ukulele with colorful "tattoos" (removable plastic decals) you'll make in this workshop. Bring your own flower or other design template (~1–2") or use those provided. (Please be aware that "tattoo" may affect the finish on your instrument.)

Uke 101 - Glen Hirabayashi Beginner

Just starting out on the uke? Learn how to learn to play and practice the ukulele properly with The Aloha Boys' Glen Hirabayashi, avoiding bad habits and building good ones. You will learn a bit of music theory, a strategy for adding chords to your repertoire, and how to practice them. You will discover the benefits of striving for efficiency with the least amount of physical effort, and learn to play a number of songs.

Uke Maintenance - Tyler St. Clare All Levels

Afraid to tinker with your instrument? Ukulele builder Tyler St. Clare will cure your fears as he teaches you the fundamentals of uke care and repair. He'll cover restringing, tuner adjustment, action setups, fret filing, and more.